Road TO Dev — Boss level infinite ammo

Rob Smith
3 min readJul 29, 2021


Objective: Make it so the player doesn’t run out of ammo on the boss level

Step 1: Using the method we created previously on the player to detect when it’s the boss level we can change up our fire code. First we need to check if it’s boss level when trying to fire normal

Step 2: Make a new else if statement to work as the firing for on the boss level leave out ammo as we don’t want that counted

Step 3: On the UIManager we don’t want an ammo count to display so lets create a new method to trigger for it being the boss level

Step 4: For the ammo count let’s put a check so we get a normal ammocount when it’s not the boss level

Step 5: We will need a different size to use unicode for an infinity symbol the easiest way to do this is to create a new UI text element just for it Make sure to have it be inactive and set to the right position and color

Step 6: Be sure to attach the element to the UIManager and have it be accessible in code

Step 7: Setup the ammocount for boss to use this new element

Step 8: Now we need to trigger that method from the game manager when the rest of the boss level code is getting started



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