Road TO Dev — Controls Menu

Rob Smith
2 min readAug 9, 2021


Objective: Let’s create a menu for the player to see what the controls are

Step 1: Create your control menu, I did this in photoshop you can do it however you want

Step 2: Create a new scene to hold this menu

Step 3: I made it a UI Image object that way it should scale well with different resolutions so create that

Step 4: Create the code on the UI Element so that when any key is pressed it returns the player to the main menu I attached it to the background image itself but this could easily be put on the camera

Step 5: On the main menu create a new button to go to that scene

Step 6: We can create the code in the main menu script like we did for the start button

Step 7: Setup the button for controls to use this new method

Step 8: Add the Controls scene to the build settings



Rob Smith

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