Road TO Dev — Creating my laser!

Now that we have our character under control lets make him do something useful like firing a laser! First we need to create a placeholder for our laser and make it into a prefab!

Step 1: Create the laser placeholder, name it, position it where we would like it to start, and resize it to fit what it is.

Step 2: Lets start setting up our object. Make a script for it and drop it onto the object and then do the same with a material. You can use whatever color you would like.

Step 3: Prefab! This is an amazing feature in Unity. What you can do is turn any object into a prefabrication. Meaning you can create copies of that prefab all over your game scene and you only need to alter the main prefab to set any changes to them all. You can also edit them individually and apply the changes to all in the inspector. It’s simple too all you do is drag and drop the object from your hierarchy into your project folder (preferably in a Prefabs folder you create) and it will turn blue indicating that it has become a prefab.