Road TO Dev — Death to boss

Rob Smith
2 min readAug 4, 2021

Objective: When boss life is zero let’s deactivate routines, active animation, then finally spawn boom and destroy the boss

Step 1: Create code to turn off routines and activate animation and start dying

Step 2: Create the explosion prefab to use as boss dies (this can be whatever you want) and make the variable to attach it to the boss

Step 3: Attach the prefab to the boss to be able to instantiate it

Step 4: Setup the coroutine to give a little space between the beginning of the death animation and the actual explosion

Step 5: Create a method to ensure no attacks are on screen when this happens

Step 6: Make sure the boss explosion also Destroys when finished

Note: You can leave on the damaged states if you want. I decided to turn mine back on after making this I think it does look better



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