Road TO Dev — Let’s build it! Creating a simple build.

Objective: Take the game and make a build that can be ran from the computer instead of inside Unity.

Step 1: Check your build settings and make sure the platform is correct along with any other info. Also if your scenes aren’t displayed in the Scenes in Build box make sure to add them using the Add Open Scenes button.

Step 2: Click Build and Run. As long as there are no compiler errors this should go smoothly. A new window should pop up and this is where the game will get setup. I recommend making a builds folder outside of your project folder and saving there. Depending on the size of your build and your computer this can take a couple minutes.

Step 3: Note in the bottom left of your editor there should be a message saying completed.

Step 4: Locate the exe in your build folder and run it.



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Rob Smith

Hi there! I am currently on the path to learn how to become a unity developer and will be documenting my journey as best as I can here. Thanks for looking!