Road TO Dev — Lets hurt each other

Rob Smith
2 min readJul 24, 2021

Objective: Make it so player lasers trigger the Damaged method on the boss and that boss lasers hurt the player

Step 1: Make sure to setup the boss lasers to have collision each and to have the attackone scripts on them inside the BossAttackOne Prefab

Step 2: In the bossattackone script create the trigger to give the player damage.

Step 3: On the boss script make the damaged method public

Step 4: For the player on the laser script we already had the boss trigger setup for the animation now just add in to trigger that public method

Step 5: Remove the damage to self method we created for testing as now the player can damage. Remember to also remove the trigger for the coroutine in start

With that done both the boss and player should be able to hurt each other now.



Rob Smith

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