Road TO Dev — Reworking Booster System!

Objective: To create a boost system that slowly drains energy over time while used and refills when not in use. I am completely redoing the boost system here.

Step 1: Create the variables we will need. Max boost, Boost ready toggle, currently boosting toggle, current boost value.

Step 2: Setup the shift activation for boosting.

Step 3: Setup boost method to begin the boosting process.

The boost multiplier is up to you, just remember to put it in with all your movement code you would like boost to effect.

Step 4: Create the Coroutine for boosting.

I used the debug log to ensure my boost was working it is not necessary to keep.

Step 5: Create the cooldown routine to recharge boost.

Final: If all your code is correct this should give you a nice temporary boost.