GameRoad TO Dev — See the thrust! Creating UI for booster visualization.

Objective: Give the player a visual indicator of thrust level and recharge.

Step 1a: Create the UI Element needed for this effect. Make sure to uncheck the slider’s

Step 1b: Set the colors of your background and fill color to whatever you want. Also we can delete the handle as that’s not needed for the effect we have.

Step 1c: After deleting the handle we need to adjust the fill area to actually go the full length of our background. Also resize, anchor, and place the bar where you’d like it.

Step 2: In the UIManager add the slider handle and then connect it to the UIManager.

Step 3: Create the method in the UIManager for handling the update to the UI ready to receive communication from the player.

Step 4: Communicate from the player to the UI when thrust is draining and charging.

Step 5: We need to also create a method to set our sliders max value to equal the boost amount and to start out at full assuming that’s what you want.

Step 6: Now just communicate those values when the player starts and everything should be all set.

Final: You can see there are a lot of options it’s up to you to decide but it’s quite easy to implement a working visualizer for the booster.