Road TO Dev — Setting up a boss

Objective: Creating a boss and setting up weapons.

Step 1: Add the boss to the scene leaving the player in for scale adjust your image to fit how you would like it.

Step 2: Setup first attack item here it will be laser bursts like with our regular enemy but specific to the boss. First create the empty object to hold the attack then Attach and position the bursts like we did with the enemy lasers

Step 3: Setup the second attack for mine i’ll be using a special animation so the position needs to be correct for that animation not the base. If you choose to do this just keep checking the position to ensure it’s setup how you’d like

Step 4: Create colliders on each object inside the prefabs and tag them with enemy laser so it will be easy to have them harm the player. Don’t forget to apply all for the prefabs overrides if you aren’t doing this inside the prefab itself. Now with this all setup we can begin to code our scary looking boss!