Road TO Dev — Shader Graph 10 still a pink object?!

Objective: Explain how to setup an existing project to work with shader graph 10 if you did not start as a URP project.

Step 1: Install both the shader graph and universal pipeline renderer packages in your project if you haven’t already.

Step 2: In your project folder create a new URP Pipeline Asset.

Step 3: In your project settings under graphics assign this new asset.

Step 4: Create a simple test object

Step 5: Create a test material and assign it to the object

Step 6: Create the new shader graph asset and change the object’s shader to it

Step 7: Open the shader graph by double clicking on the shader and in the graph settings change the active target to the URP remember everytime you change anything you have to save the asset.

You should now be setup to work with shader graph!

Hi there! I am currently on the path to learn how to become a unity developer and will be documenting my journey as best as I can here. Thanks for looking!