Road TO Dev — Wave System Part 4

Rob Smith
3 min readJul 9, 2021


Objective: Now we have enemy variants spawning in different waves let’s work on the powerup system and rate of spawn for enemies.

Step 1: We are changing control of start spawning to the game manager and to begin that we need to create a new method on the game manager to be called.

Step 2: Now we need to have our asteroid set up to communicate with the new method.

Step 3: On the game manager we can now move game start calls here.

Step 4: On the spawn manager we need connect with the game manager now and create a new variable to control the spawn rate.

Step 5: In order to help slow down the spawning between waves we are going to create a new coroutine to do just that on the spawn manager and trigger it when enemies hit zero on game manager.

Step 6: Using the new spawn rate let’s setup new methods for controlling them based on wave and change our routine to use the spawn rate

Step 7: Let’s separate our other spawn routines from the old one so they don’t get triggered extra.

Step 8: Finally we change our spawn method to utilize the new system.



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