Objective: Let’s create a menu for the player to see what the controls are

Step 1: Create your control menu, I did this in photoshop you can do it however you want

Objective: In order to have our score be more competitive let’s create a way for the player to lose score.

On the enemy script reduce score on player by your desired amount for me I am going to utilize random.range so that it doesn’t always hurt the player as much and it isn’t always the same every game. I am having this happen everytime an enemy gets past the player and respawns at the top.

Just make sure to make it be a negative to get the score to reduce. This is an easy thing to do and only requires…

Objective: Create a display text to let the player know to shoot the asteroid to start the game.

Step 1: Create the UI Text Object

Objective: Setup the boss to play music at different stages

As with previous audio articles I’ve setup a youtube video to show it enjoy!

Step 1: Disable current background music. For this I’ve created a tag for the background music object and wrote a script for destroying it.

Step 2: Find the tag on the boss at the start

Objective: When boss life is zero let’s deactivate routines, active animation, then finally spawn boom and destroy the boss

Step 1: Create code to turn off routines and activate animation and start dying

Objective: Setup an new animation for moving

Step 1: In the animator create the new moving bool

Objective: Create an extra damage state in the third phase.

Step 1: Create a variable for the sprite renderer

Objective: Setup the 3rd and final stage for the boss. Movement will be same as stage two just faster

Step 1: Create the stage three method

Objective: Lets give the beam attack it’s own damage as it wouldn’t make sense to just work like a laser projectile.

Step 1: Give the beam a collider

Objective: Make it so the player doesn’t run out of ammo on the boss level

Step 1: Using the method we created previously on the player to detect when it’s the boss level we can change up our fire code. First we need to check if it’s boss level when trying to fire normal

Rob Smith

Hi there! I am currently on the path to learn how to become a unity developer and will be documenting my journey as best as I can here. Thanks for looking!

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